Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards Doing Surveys

Getting free Google Play gift cards online is really a lot easier than you would think. Usually, all you have to do is fill out a simple survey and you can receive a gift card for stores like Google Play, Walmart, target, Amazon, iTunes, Mcdonalds and many many more.

You’re probably wondering why these companies would give out free Google Play gift cards just for filling out a survey. I am going to answer that question for you as well as give you some good ideas on how to get many of these cards along with many other coupons and deals.

How It Works

The reason these large companies are willing to give out these free Google Play gift cards in return for filling out surveys is to get valuable information from the consumer, you.

See the more information these companies have about their products and services from the people that buy them, the consumers, the more efficiently they can market them. Market research companies often pay millions and millions of dollars for this type of valuable information.

Most people would not take the time to fill out a survey for nothing in return. So these companies have come up with a solution that benefits everybody. You, the consumer/gift card seeker get free money essentially for a small amount of your time and a little information.

The company gets valuable information about what it’s consumers want, need and desire thus benefiting both them and the consumer. In addition, it’s a better solution than outright paying you money because by giving you a gift card to their store they ensure that you will be spending the gift card at their store.

This also benefits you because these are major stores that you are likely spending money at anyways. Really the surveys for gift cards deal is a win-win for everybody.

Free Google Play Gift Cards Codes That Work

There are wide variety of these types of offers across the internet but most of them follow the same similar pattern. You, the consumer simply fill out a short survey or quiz and in return, you get free Google Play gift codes.

Some of the offers will ask you to try one of their partner companies products or services which can sometimes turn people off. Really you have nothing to worry about with this because even if it costs you a few bucks you are going to receive much more than that in return.

Most people would easily exchange a few bucks for 100 any day of the week. I know I would. So really no matter how you look at it free gift cards are a great way to pick up a little extra money to shop at your favorite stores.

If you are interested in getting some free Google Play codes to one of your favorite stores then just pick one of them from this page and go ahead and fill out that short survey to get your free gift cards today!

Xbox Live Gold 1 Month Free Forever All Working

If you are like me, then you have wasted some time searching the internet for Free Xbox Live Gold 1 Month Codes. In the past, I’ve seen some videos from youtube for Free Xbox Live Code Generator. I did some research, and the generators were all scams.

My search for Xbox Live Free Codes then led me to a great online survey site, Points2Shop. There, I did surveys and offers to collect points. Before I knew it, I had enough for my Free Xbox Live Codes!

Earn Xbox Live Gold 1 Month : Here Is How

You can use the points you earn from Points2Shop on Xbox Live Codes or anything else that you want from amazon.com! The site is so excellent that if you want they will EMAIL YOU THE CODES! It takes 1-2 business days for the Free Xbox Live Codes to be emailed to you since the admin sends them manually.

Personally, I enjoyed earning my 2 1600 Microsoft Points Cards, and I used them to buy Guitar Hero and Rock Band song packs. When you first sign up with Points2Shop.com, they will give you an automatic 250 points just for signing up and confirming your email.

If you don’t know what to do upon first arriving at Points2Shop, then check out the shoutbox. There are plenty of members who will help you out if you have any questions. It’s best to learn how to do the offers before you get started since you can’t try the offers again for the most part, and also so you don’t waste your time.

Then head over to the Free Offers section to check out what you can earn from the site through doing non-paid offers. There are also Paid, and Trial Offers you can do. Make sure to read the comments other members post to try and learn what to do for the best chance at getting credit. After that, you can play different members for points in the games, and get your friends to sign up and earn money through them as your referrals!

2nd Method

This site generates one, three, and 12 months free Xbox live gold codes. It is free and straightforward to create a code. Our generator will work on mac or pc. It is in the browser, and you don’t even have to download it!

You just have to fill out a short questionnaire, and then you get your Xbox live for however many months you choose. Instead of paying a fortune for Xbox live membership, just use our website and you’ll be getting live for free in minutes.

First, you require picking one of the above membership types, 1, 3, or 12 by clicking the button below it. Then, you will be redirected to the page with the generator on it. To unlock the full features of the generator, you’ll need to fill out a quick offer. We do this because hosting and developing this isn’t cheap.

Once you have completed the offer and it has been recognized, the box will disappear, and you will have unlocked the generator. Once you have opened the generator, it will allow you to generate two different codes.

We do this, so it isn’t abused and that everyone can have a fair chance at getting free Xbox live membership. Our generator is not perfect; sometimes the codes will not always work.

This just means someone else has received the code from our generator before. If this happens, you’ll just have to generate another code.

Our current generator success rate is displayed on the right. What are you waiting for? Start getting your 1 Month Xbox live Gold for free using our website. No ones Xbox live gold membership generator even comes close.

Clash Royale – How to easily win the Night Witch Challenge

Cheats and Tips on How to Be Winning in the Nightwatch Challenge.In this guide, we will show you some Clash Royale hacks to win the challenge to get the Night Witch.The summons to get the new legendary Night Wizard card has begun.There are thousands of gamers who have already joined in the challenge and sadly have been inevitably defeated.

Content Index

1 Night Witch: The New Legendary Card
2 Challenge Cards in the Table for the Night Witch
2.1 Cheats and Tips to Overcome the Challenge of Cards in Table

Nightwatch: the new legendary card

This new character belongs to the category of legendary cards. In contrast to the Classic Witch, it evokes Bats and Non-Skeletons. Moreover, his attack does not impact air but hits a single enemy at a time. To end the adepts generation speed is faster than the old Witch. Do not forget that four more Bats will appear to his death.

After several tests, it was found that a Night Witch left free to attack a Tower of the Crown can destroy within seconds in a single attack.

Challenge Cards for the Night Witch

The Supercell has now grown accustomed to its Challenging fans at Bottini and rewards before the launch of a new card. Again, given the forthcoming release of the Night Witch, a new card event was organized.

By winning 12 battles, you will be entitled to preview the new legendary card. Those who will not succeed in achieving this goal will be able to settle for various unlockable prizes after each victory.
Cheats and tips to win the Challenge Card Challenge

The Challenge of Cards in Table consists of choosing four cards to use in your deck, while the other four will be discarded by your opponent and inserted into your deck.

It will, therefore, be essential to put your enemy straight to the straps, by sending them incompatible cards between them.

The Nightwatch is well-suited as a defensive or supportive card, although, as demonstrated in many tests, if left unattended in front of a tower, it can destroy it in one attack.

His spell resistance like the Infuriated Sphere makes it a tough opponent to handle, and behind a Tank can become a devastating war machine.

Some interesting combinations are:

  • Giant, Night Witch.
  • Night Witch, Cloning.
  • Mastiff Lizard, Night Witch.

So if you should be able to choose one of these cards with which to create a Combo we recommend that you insert it into your deck.

If you are facing it, you must know that this legendary card also has some weaknesses. It can be easily stopped by the spell Veleno, which will instantly eliminate the Bats and in a few seconds even to her. Valchiria is also a great counter, so is the mini Pekka or the Sorcerer.

Since the character has been released only today, you will need some time before discovering other details.

Gamerscore points And Xbox Live Gold Membership – Total Fun

A well known advertising that will demonstrated a young child declaring “The great thing about the actual Three-hundred-and-sixty is not defeating the games, it can be demonstrating every person on-line which i did” explains the thought of the particular Xbox 360 360’s Gamerscore feature .

This offers gamers a whole new means of rivaling the other person over the build up regarding free Xbox live codes without survey, actually with no taking part in immediately versus the other person.Simply finishing in game duties, accumulating is victorous in on the web fits and also undertaking incredible feats inside a sport may world wide web the player points to grow their Gamerscore.

Whilst Gamerscore points cannot be employed to receive goods or services from Xbox 360 system Are living, that has never ceased shadier players from utilizing hackers to obtain numbers of Gamerscore significantly bigger than their competition along with peers.

What exactly is Gamerscore, and just what Does It Do?

Players can keep track of achievements through a technique in which steps the number of details by having an Xbox Are living account. These kinds of items these are known as Gamerscore, and so are tested within G’s. These types of factors tend to be awarded with regard to things such as level conclusion, undertaking extraordinary achievements, doing online game objectives or perhaps by whipping various other gamers inside online suits.

Xbox 360 games provided up to One particular,000G regarding complete games, together with down-loadable Xbox 360 system Arcade Game titles providing approximately 250G. Microsoft company enforces plans which in turn determine standardised levels of Gamerscore a gamer will be able to gather within a provided game. Total presented disc dependent online games have to have One,000 Gamerscore items amongst gamers itself, with up to 300 more Gamerscore factors achievable every quarter with growth delivers or online content material.

Totally free or even paid out game titles available on the particular Xbox Live Video can include around 190 Gamerscore details, using 60 far more provided within down loadable articles.Gamerscore made their debut in Windows dependent gambling models within ’07 together with Mobile A couple of.

The actual Games with regard to Home windows program functions in a similar fashion for you to Xbox live Live on the particular Xbox 360, in this triumphs with corresponding Gamerscore point results may be accumulated through the participant.Your Gamerscore program has created by itself a niche on the internet along with be unfaithful requirements and internet based Queries and also instructions.

Various internet sites completely specialized in providing tricks and tips to cooking Gamerscore factors exist, even though established be unfaithful program code as well as Common questions websites offer you distinct regions of their particular internet sites for Gamerscore guidelines.Gamerscore experienced proved this kind of good results that people whom desired to collect Gamerscore factors by way of illegal means did start to show up. Inside 2009, a circle vast strategy to crack recorded on these kind of cheaters had been applied.

People in prison for acquiring Gamerscore items via outlawed or otherwise undesirable implies acquired their Gamerscore lowered to be able to absolutely no, along with are not able to regain any further Gamerscore items through the entire use of his or her Xbox 360 system Are living consideration. Any “Cheater” label have also been placed on his or her Gamertag to ensure players would likely take take from the person whenever he / she became a member of multi-player suits.

Microsoft ItemsThe particular foreign currency utilized inside the Xbox 360 Gold Subscription or even Games regarding Glass windows Stay Market, are called ‘microsoft’ Points. These types of Microsof company Factors additionally lengthen on the Windows Stay Art gallery as well as Zune online retailers. This particular items technique allows consumers to buy added sport written content or other down loadable merchandise offered inside on the web market place without the use of a card.

While many downloads available such as entire types regarding game titles as well as down-loadable written content cost ‘microsoft’ Points, a number of video games entirely on the particular Xbox Live Market place are free.Microsoft Factors are available in the type of prepaid cards, and they are offered with retail store and supermarkets.

Microsof company Factors playing cards include a program code used to redeem different nevertheless preset denominations involving Microsoft Items with regards to the price tag paid and country or perhaps place the gamer lives inside. These cards can only supply only once or twice and might expire if not utilized from a repaired timeframe. ‘microsoft’ Points charge cards are simply redeemable in the area these are purchased from.Ms Factors are used to obtain video games, video game expansions, Gamertag modification possibilities, as well as other down loadable written content.

People can be capable to acquire video tutorials and tv symptoms in the Market place, and therefore are workable all through various other providers along with utilize Microsoft details including the Microsoft zune market, where it’s possible to manage to obtain tunes along with videos.

Xbox 360 Live Subscriptions.

There are 2 numbers of membership rights offered for your Xbox 360 system Stay program: Silver and gold.

These diverse accounts offer you Xbox 360 system customers usage of various features with distinct prices with regards to the kind of account.The disposable Gold membership makes it possible for standard on the internet performance possible, coming from developing a special gamer Identification and also profile for the Xbox 360 system Stay network. You might be additionally in a position to generate and keep a summary of friends as well as good friends you meet up with online.

You are also offered accessibility to Xbox live Are living Marketplace in order to obtain demos, game titles, as well as choices alternatives for your Gamertag. This kind of Silver membership will not, however, look after on-line fees for a lot of video games demanding this sort of.Platinum membership consists of all the incentives of Silver precious metal membership and offers the consumer the opportunity to perform online to Xbox Are living Rare metal users. Platinum people may also be granted entry to distinctive Xbox live Live Market place Content. Even so, Gold account will come from rates which range from £8.99 for any month’s regular membership with as much as £39.

Ninety nine for any year, yet discount rates along with opportunities is available on distinct 3rd party internet sites.Xbox Live Gold Membership can be bought using a charge card as well as via registration cards or even Microsoft Details provided by retailers or even supermarkets. Request as well as Microsoft Items cards incorporate redeemable rules that this individual inputs in his or her Xbox Stay window screens.

Two New Nintendo DS Games Let Players Explore Their Inner Pokémon

Ever wondered what it would be like to become a Pokémon? With the April 20 launch of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Pokémon players of Darkness for Nintendo DS, hand-held gamers will soon find out.

In this pair of action-packed adventures, players journey as actual Pokémon through a fantastic land untouched by humans. Before the game starts, players take a test to help them figure out which of 16 Pokémon best represents their personalities.

Players then experience their adventure through the eyes of a Pokémon as they explore the land and embark on an epic journey through time and darkness. They talk and team up with other Pokémon to set out on an epic voyage while navigating an endless array of randomly generated dungeons.

More than 490 Pokémon populate these new games, guaranteeing strategic, intense battles and infinite possibilities, no matter which Pokémon players become. To widen their circle of Pokémon friends, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection lets users engage in wireless rescue operations and send alerts to their friends via e-mail or mobile text message.

“Only the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series lets players experience the thrill of actually becoming a Pokémon character,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “It’s a unique perspective that delights both longtime Pokémon fans and newcomers alike.”

Fans of the two previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, will marvel at the greatly enhanced graphics, new story and grand adventure in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness. For Game Boy®. You can buy this game using free eshop codes also.

Advance owners, the fresh look and wireless aspects of these new Pokémon titles provide even more reasons to upgrade to Nintendo DS. And best of all for budget-conscious parents, Nintendo DS is also able to play the entire library of Game Boy Advance games.

For more information about these two new Pokémon games, click on the games below. Super Turrican was Now Available on Wii Shop Channel!

Clash Royale: Deck Barile Goblin, Horde Hogs, Musketeers for Arena 2, Arena 3, Arena 4

What is the best strategy for climbing Arena quickly? It does not exist. Simply because it is important to stay as low as possible in the low arenas. Accumulate experience, especially at the beginning, when many cards are completely new or unbeatable. This Deck Barile Goblin, Horde Horn, Arena 2 Moschettiere, Arena 3, Arena 4 Clash Royale exploits a vulnerability of many players and the absence of certain cards at a certain level of cups.

1 Powerful bumpers in the absence of Download and Trunk
1.1 Bouquet cards
1.2 Replacement Cards
1.3 Strategies, Combo and Tactical Tips

Powerful barges in the absence of Download and Trunk

The download card and the Tronco card are among the most used in the Clash Royale gaming system, because there are many types of cards formed by troop groups and with a dry shot you can make it out all, not least a great save Of Elixir pink.

This factor makes the player struggling to deal with a large number of cards form hordes and troops, and that’s exactly what the bunch leverages. Also, there are not many area damage cards except Valkyrie and Witch, and the Frecce card is not used.

As you will see, this deck is made up of some hordes of hordes that are not random. As soon as the enemy uses an area damage card like the Arrows, you will skip it with other hordes.

Bouquet cards

  • Skeleton Horde: Paper formed by numerous skeletons used both offensive and defensive.
  • Barrel Goblin: Without Arrows Exaggerated Damage!
  • Horde of Sgherri: paper that uses the field in the field 6, if left undisturbed on a tower they cause destruction.
  • Goblins Lanterns used as support or distraction rather than as troops.
  • Mini PEKKA: With a few shredders it reduces K.O. A tower.
  • Dragon and Moschettiere: used as support troops
  • Download: Only replaceable card if you are in lower Arenas.

Substitute Cards

  • Replaceable if you are in Arena 2 or Arena 3 with Arrows,
  • Mini PEKKA can be replaced with Prince.

Strategies, Combo and Tactical Tips

Drago + Goblin Barrel: Use the Dragon as a Mini Tank and have him absorb damage from the Tower as soon as the enemy uses other defending cards, launch the Goblin Barrel on the Tower and they will be undisturbed,

Hog Sgherri + Mini PEKKA: Use the hidden Mini PEKKA strategy following this guide. In practice, the Horde will keep the Mini PEKKA hidden until the tower.
Mini PEKKA + Horde Sgherri: Unless the enemy does not have any other Horseshoe horde or a Sorcerer, the Shot Tower will be undone!
Skeleton Horns / Horde Hounds / Goblin Barrels: alternately sends these cards and the enemy must permanently go in defensive mode.

[E3 13] Impressions Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Rising

The game that has frozen the E3 has a great weight behind them.

The controversy of Nintendo’s E3 has been Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, because it is the game of Retro, and not precisely what the general public expected of the creators of Metroid Prime. His first game for Wii U is new two-dimensional platforms that continue his great success for Wii.

The demo of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze in this E3 contains four levels, very different from each other to be able to test the different game options. The first level, one of the wagons, one final boss and another more advanced for co-operative. Although explaining how to play this title is as simple as summarizing how the Wii and its extension in Nintendo 3DS because the mechanics are the same, so much, that the demonstration is played directly with Wiimote and Nunchuk, not with the Wii U Gamepad.

Donkey Kong

As in the new easy mode of Country Returns for Nintendo 3DS, in this test, the two characters had three hearts of life, which gives a clue to start thinking that again there will be difficult screens, too complicated for the players more Newbies, who will need additional aids to complete the game. Check the detailed review at IGN

I do not know why Donkey Kong is flying a plane and falls in the woods. Tangled between the branches is the device in this new visit to the jungle, so many times traveled to start from there a screen 1-1 that dares to directly put phases of water. The monkeys jump into the water and swim easily at specific times, but at the same time, they continue to spend things at the top, out of the puddle.

A little further on, the rides on the platforms begin. This first screen is simple and very everyday, with collectibles like Kong letters and puzzles hidden inside plants and behind walls and some simple enemies to kill. It will be by the invasion of the island, but the variety of rival characters is larger, animals with a more human character than the traditional game. If for some reason highlights the Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is the work done on the characters. The monkeys have a maximum level of detail, with a very powerful full effect that makes the hair does not stand still for a moment and very clear animations thanks to the 60fps that seems to move the title. But also the rivals are recreated with mime, with loaded textures.

In contrast to the Wii version, which played with the contrast between the game plane and the background to two very deep depths, this delivery for Wii U is based on saturation. There is a multitude of levels beyond the basic 2D that give a more recharged look to the web, but that take advantage of the camera movements that Retro has gotten into the game. Especially in dynamic sequences like pitches between barrels or wagons, the screen snakes showing more volume. The example of this first level is the ascent to the glass of a great tree surrounding its trunk while Donkey flies propelled.

In the second screen that we offer Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze the effect is repeated, but now not in a circular sense if not rather with small changes of direction. It is a level of wagons, it does not seem very difficult, but that surprises by the potent interaction of the scene in the game. Elements that rise and fall, balls of fire that turn to cover part of the road and fragments that jump from the bottom to the front to cut the road are everywhere. The detail of the power of Wii U is reflected by the dynamic lighting effect of the headlights of the car, which although at this level is testimonial, it paints that there will be some in the dark.

To finish the job, a battle against an end boss. This third screen is different from the rest, but has a factor common to the previous, is long for normal in a platform title. What in the basic levels turned in the area to change the landscape and the enemies, in the monster are modifications in the routine?

This giant seal, a captain of one of the Viking ships, likes to slip through a kind of half pipe to trample your character, but every time he receives a blow he calls his subjects to attack you. Between its changes of movement and the aid that receives there are about five changes of routine. A history beyond the island

For now, we have only seen scenes from the beginning of the game, what is usually called Jungle in the jargon Donkey Kong, so we have to be outstanding to see how real and strong is the renewal of scenarios and situations. This time it will not be all on the same island because the monkeys have started a war against some Vikings (also animals), and they will have to go in search of it.