Clash Royale: Deck Barile Goblin, Horde Hogs, Musketeers for Arena 2, Arena 3, Arena 4

arena 4 hog deck strategy

What is the best strategy for climbing Arena quickly? It does not exist. Simply because it is important to stay as low as possible in the low arenas. Accumulate experience, especially at the beginning, when many cards are completely new or unbeatable. This Deck Barile Goblin, Horde Horn, Arena 2 Moschettiere, Arena 3, Arena 4 Clash Royale exploits a vulnerability of many players and the absence of certain cards at a certain level of cups.

1 Powerful bumpers in the absence of Download and Trunk
1.1 Bouquet cards
1.2 Replacement Cards
1.3 Strategies, Combo and Tactical Tips

Powerful barges in the absence of Download and Trunk

The download card and the Tronco card are among the most used in the Clash Royale gaming system, because there are many types of cards formed by troop groups and with a dry shot you can make it out all, not least a great save Of Elixir pink.

This factor makes the player struggling to deal with a large number of cards form hordes and troops, and that’s exactly what the bunch leverages. Also, there are not many area damage cards except Valkyrie and Witch, and the Frecce card is not used.

As you will see, this deck is made up of some hordes of hordes that are not random. As soon as the enemy uses an area damage card like the Arrows, you will skip it with other hordes.

Bouquet cards

  • Skeleton Horde: Paper formed by numerous skeletons used both offensive and defensive.
  • Barrel Goblin: Without Arrows Exaggerated Damage!
  • Horde of Sgherri: paper that uses the field in the field 6, if left undisturbed on a tower they cause destruction.
  • Goblins Lanterns used as support or distraction rather than as troops.
  • Mini PEKKA: With a few shredders it reduces K.O. A tower.
  • Dragon and Moschettiere: used as support troops
  • Download: Only replaceable card if you are in lower Arenas.

Substitute Cards

  • Replaceable if you are in Arena 2 or Arena 3 with Arrows,
  • Mini PEKKA can be replaced with Prince.

Strategies, Combo and Tactical Tips

Drago + Goblin Barrel: Use the Dragon as a Mini Tank and have him absorb damage from the Tower as soon as the enemy uses other defending cards, launch the Goblin Barrel on the Tower and they will be undisturbed,

Hog Sgherri + Mini PEKKA: Use the hidden Mini PEKKA strategy following this guide. In practice, the Horde will keep the Mini PEKKA hidden until the tower.
Mini PEKKA + Horde Sgherri: Unless the enemy does not have any other Horseshoe horde or a Sorcerer, the Shot Tower will be undone!
Skeleton Horns / Horde Hounds / Goblin Barrels: alternately sends these cards and the enemy must permanently go in defensive mode.

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