Clash Royale – How to easily win the Night Witch Challenge

Clash Royale Night witch challenge

Cheats and Tips on How to Be Winning in the Nightwatch Challenge.In this guide, we will show you some Clash Royale hacks to win the challenge to get the Night Witch.The summons to get the new legendary Night Wizard card has begun.There are thousands of gamers who have already joined in the challenge and sadly have been inevitably defeated.

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1 Night Witch: The New Legendary Card
2 Challenge Cards in the Table for the Night Witch
2.1 Cheats and Tips to Overcome the Challenge of Cards in Table

Nightwatch: the new legendary card

This new character belongs to the category of legendary cards. In contrast to the Classic Witch, it evokes Bats and Non-Skeletons. Moreover, his attack does not impact air but hits a single enemy at a time. To end the adepts generation speed is faster than the old Witch. Do not forget that four more Bats will appear to his death.

After several tests, it was found that a Night Witch left free to attack a Tower of the Crown can destroy within seconds in a single attack.

Challenge Cards for the Night Witch

The Supercell has now grown accustomed to its Challenging fans at Bottini and rewards before the launch of a new card. Again, given the forthcoming release of the Night Witch, a new card event was organized.

By winning 12 battles, you will be entitled to preview the new legendary card. Those who will not succeed in achieving this goal will be able to settle for various unlockable prizes after each victory.
Cheats and tips to win the Challenge Card Challenge

The Challenge of Cards in Table consists of choosing four cards to use in your deck, while the other four will be discarded by your opponent and inserted into your deck.

It will, therefore, be essential to put your enemy straight to the straps, by sending them incompatible cards between them.

The Nightwatch is well-suited as a defensive or supportive card, although, as demonstrated in many tests, if left unattended in front of a tower, it can destroy it in one attack.

His spell resistance like the Infuriated Sphere makes it a tough opponent to handle, and behind a Tank can become a devastating war machine.

Some interesting combinations are:

  • Giant, Night Witch.
  • Night Witch, Cloning.
  • Mastiff Lizard, Night Witch.

So if you should be able to choose one of these cards with which to create a Combo we recommend that you insert it into your deck.

If you are facing it, you must know that this legendary card also has some weaknesses. It can be easily stopped by the spell Veleno, which will instantly eliminate the Bats and in a few seconds even to her. Valchiria is also a great counter, so is the mini Pekka or the Sorcerer.

Since the character has been released only today, you will need some time before discovering other details.

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